Plinio Cervantes

Business and Strategy

Plinio Cervantes' background in business was a great addition into enhancing business and strategy aid to address client needs. He is an entrepreneur and technology professional who proves enthusiasm and ability in helping client's development of system designs and integrations. As a solution specialist, he has exceled is business processes during his ventures, tailored to providing superior service while lowering cost and increasing profitability. Originally from New York with a Computer Science Degree from Farmingdale State College, in 1987 he relocated to Florida where spent 8 years at The Breakers in Palm Beach Florida, where he spent 8 years directing and leading the execution of real change in the IT infrastructure while focusing on creating customer experience at an elite standard. Plinio desired more, he wanted to use his entrepreneurship skills and co-founded EZ COM Technologies in 2003 and is currently successfully providing billing-as-a-service solutions for small and medium size Telecommunication and VOIP providers.

Plinio enjoys sports and enjoys golfing every chance he gets.

Plinio has a heart for community service and is actively involved with the Red Cross in management for Shelter Facilities in Palm Beach County. He also actively volunteers at U.S. Open Golf Championships.

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