Dark Web Monitoring West Palm Beach:
What Is The Dark Web?

You’ve probably heard about the dark web but don’t know what it really is. The dark web is made up of sites that you can’t access through traditional search engines such as Google, Safari, or Firefox. You’ll need special software to browse this hidden section of the web.

Not everything on the dark web is illegal. There are dissidents who use the dark web to communicate with each other without their governments finding out. Journalists also find the dark web as a safe place to communicate with their sources who want to keep their anonymity. But despite this, the dark web became a dangerous place because of dangerous people. It is often used by people selling illegal drugs or firearms. It is home to sites offering child pornography. And it is a haven for criminals who want to sell, trade, or share stolen financial and personal information.

With Dark Web Monitoring West Palm Beach services, your provider will monitor the dark web to see if something has been stolen from you such as passwords, Social Security numbers, and credit card numbers. They will notify you if they find your personal information on the dark web, giving you the chance to take action to help protect yourself against identity theft.

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