Hardware as a Service

Turn your enterprise's IT infrastructure costs from a capital investment into an operational expense with Hardware as a Service.

What is Hardware as a Service?

Can your enterprise afford to replace the essential hardware that it needs to run properly?

Simplitfy® is known for offering a complete set of IT solutions for business. We are proud to offer Hardware as a Service (HaaS). Hardware as a Service is a solution for companies that don't want to be saddled with, or simply cannot afford to take on, the capital investment of updating their computer hardware.

Save Money on Essential Hardware

Leave your old computer hardware in the dust with our Hardware as a Service offering.

Keeping your hardware maintained and having to upgrade computer hardware and software licensing as part of a company's IT support infrastructure are difficult endeavors for any sized business. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) have it exceptionally tough when crucial parts of computer hardware fail as they don't often have the necessary capital to immediately replace the malfunctioning piece of hardware. SMEs recognize this as an issue critical to the competitiveness of their business.

The substantial loss of efficiency and productivity that a company has to endure by trying to work on and maintain archaic technology can be a major hindrance in an enterprise's ability to remain profitable. At Simplitfy®, we offer Hardware as a Service for cents on the dollar of what you would pay by using traditional leasing or financing methods for the same equipment. With our HaaS offering, you can transfer the capital expense of purchasing new hardware into an operational expense. This allows you to have relatively static IT costs. In this way, Simplitfy® can make a substantial and positive difference in your company's bottom line.

Gain Peace of Mind

Your IT will always be current because we refresh your hardware before it becomes obsolete to keep your business efficient and profitable.

With the capital outlay eliminated by using Simplitfy® HaaS solution, you can end the burdensome struggle between maintaining budget costs and keeping up with the latest hardware. We can outfit your organization with the servers, workstations, routers, switches; all the essential hardware you need. The HaaS IT hardware is replaced if it malfunctions and is refreshed before obsolescence. This means your hardware remains current with just the monthly cost of your managed services agreement.

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