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Is your business safe from Online threats?


Are you aware that more than 50% of small business owners believe their businesses are too small to be targeted by the thieves of the virtual world? Contrary to popular belief, 72% of hacker attacks often happen to smaller firms - firms with less than 100 employees! So how prepared is your SMB?

Simplitfy wants to help you find out how vulnerable you are to these attacks.

  1. Do you use Antivirus protection? - An antivirus software program can protect you from several types of threats that originate from emails such scam emails and viruses. However, most of business don't install any antivirus software thinking they can get affected. If you are one of them, we believe is time for change!
  2. How sturdy is your Firewall? - A good firewall system protects your computers from the several threats that exist in the virtual world. Examples include harmful cookies, viruses, worms and other such malicious programs used by hackers.
  3. Do you use a Spam filter? - Using a simple spam filter for your emails keeps junk out of your inbox. The bonus to having a good spam filter is that your employees save time, as they are not distracted by irrelevant emails, but the major perk here is that the potential virus and phishing threats are lessened as spam emails are unlikely to be opened.
  4. Do you do backup your data on a weekly basis? - We know backups don't really protect your data, but they are the only way to recover it if data loss does happen. So, be sure you have a regular and reliable backup plan in place.

Data loss can prove very costly‚ÄĒespecially to SMBs, sometimes even resulting in them having to close. We believe prevention is certainly better than a cure in such cases.

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