Plinio Cervantes

Business Growth Director

Title: Business Growth Director

Time at Simplitfy: Came on board in 2016 to manage strategic planning of the company, administration, HR, and operations

Expertice: Computer Science in Farmingdale University, Computers and Telecommunication background, MIS for the Breakers, Executive Partner in telecommunications, Software billing, Entrepreneur

Best Part of Being an Employee: Being involved in day-to-day changes, challenges for resolving customer needs, and being a part of a family

Born in Ecuador, lived in NY growing up

Favorite Food:
Italian food, manicotti

Favorite Apps:
Outlook, Facebook, Instagram

Golf, chess, walking trails outdoors, volunteering for Shelter Management with the Red Cross

Million Dollars:

Favorite Travel:
Greece - panoramic views and delicious food, friendly people and easygoing lifestyle

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